The Landing

2016, HD video, 5 minutes


As image makers, we often photograph without purpose, out of compulsion or curiosity or sheer pleasure of seeing reality through a different prism. These personal archives of images begin to pile up and spill out of hard drives. The Landing was a way to ask these ungrounded images, separated by time and intention, to dance with one another—a cannon ball’s messy trajectory from sky to earth, collapsing its subjects into a fortuitous whole, while holding each blinking frame as separate.


Screening History

Arts and Literature Laboratory, Off the Wall Video Series, August 2017 (Madison, WI)

Portland Underground Film Festival, April 2017 (Portland, OR)

Alchemy Film Festival, March 2017 (Scotland, UK)

Walker Arts Center Mediatheque, "CAVEfest" group show, January 2017 (Minneapolis, MN)

Echo Park Film Center, "Maiden Mother Crone" group screening, September 2016 (Los Angeles, CA)